Phills to NJS

Anyone else riding Phillwood hubs on an NJS track bike? I found the cone shaped washer/bolts don’t fit the very thin drop outs, so have left the wheel in using only the allan key bolt holding it in, worried there might be way to much pressure running through the tiny bolts.

any suggestions appriciated,

i would not be riding it the way you have done it.

firstly, not all japanese track bikes are the same.

when you say ‘thin’, are you talking about the rear spacing? some njs bikes are 110mm, some are 120mm, which perhaps accounts for the difference.

you best post a pic.

Not the spacing sorry, the dropouts are Suntour 8mm, may be a case of getting some washers to place between the frame and the allen key bolts for more surface area.

dosnt come with washer?

2011-07-30 17.40.15&.jpg

Just flipped the cone shaped washer that come with, inside out. looks slightly safer…still pretty sketchy

Hey Lad

Looks like your missing the locking spacer/ washer

buy a new bike

Im no PW expert but the shafts might be too big for the dropouts. 8 mm is too small for standard 120mm hubs which come with 10mm rear shafts. could be completely wrong though

i’m still confused.

how is it that “washer/bolts don’t fit”, yet you “have left the wheel in using only the allan key bolt holding it in”?

what exactly doesn’t fit? do you have the correct spacers (as per dubrat’s image)?

The problem is the axle diameter. Most track axles are 9mm front/10mm back, or 9.5mm front and back. The exception is an early NJS setup: 8mm front and back. This frame has been built for those axles.

I’ve always wondered why Suntour dropouts are stamped “Suntour 10mm” - now I know - it’s to distinguish them from the rare 8mm version.

If your hubs were any other type, your axles wouldn’t fit at all, so you’re lucky you’ve got Phils. I gather the allen bolt is around 7-8mm diameter.

You could fix the problem by leaving out the sleeve washer, (like the first photo) and adding a flat washer to spread the contact area… but then you’re basically riding with a fragile 8mm axle. If this was for the track, I think you’d be fine, but are you the Blaine I know? Is this your work bike? I wouldn’t use 8mm axles on the street - I did once, and let Lewis do some bunny hops on it - result was a bent front axle.

I guess if you want to use that frame on the street, you probably find someone to machine the dropout slots out to a 10mm width. I think there’s enough metal there to allow that. Is the front hub the same though?

yeah i would slot the drop out so that the phil washer will fit in there. the washer is stepped, so there is a wider diameter bit that locates the washer into the drop out

there’s heaps of meat on that dropout to take 2mm out of it

come round to weston, we’ll sort it out

Dubrat’s image has the bolts, I’ve flipped them inside out because the insert section of the bolt is 10mm, and the drop out only allows for 8mm. Not the best solution…just hope nothing pops out while riding.