Photo of new tee?

Anyone got a pic of the tee’s that finally arrived?


Here are two slightly grainy phone-cam pics of the shirt!

I’m sure there’ll be some better pics out there, but they’ll give you an idea.

Hah! That’s awesome - Thanks for the pic MJ

Hope you all like them, and thanks again to Nick/Snowflake for doing the hard yards on the logistics.


It’s not over yet :slight_smile:

I’ll take a high-res pic later on for you. They came out really well (I think).

Oh yes, I forgot to say that they did turn out well, thanks to all involved in delivering them!

“you’ll never kill anyone if you go around thinkin’!”

The tees look great, a nice solid screen print and, for me at least, perfect sizing!

The graphic reminds me of that Biftek album with Machines Do The Work on it.