photo series of fixed wheel bikes.

If you are interested in being part of a photographic series on fixed wheel bikes and their owners?

e-mail me with contact details ie e-mail address and mobile phone number.

I am about to start work on the series and will be looking for as many bikes/owners as possible.

sensible replies ONLY O.K.

Each person who is photographed will get a FREE colour photograph of them and their bike, when the project is completed.You will need to sign a model release befor being photographed.
I will be at the roller derby on the 29th, so you can have a chance speak to me then.

If anybody posts a pic of the Fonz this time I’ll suspend your account :slight_smile:

Now I know what my mum’s getting for her birthday :smiley: All I need is a picture frame.

O.K. the Project is starting Friday 29th Feb’ thats next week.

If people are interested in being part of this project, Friday’s most likely from 12.00 till about 4 ish each week ,will be the time I can access the studio’s.

I will get one or two people only for next week, as the roller derby is on 6.30 next Friday, I will be riding down to this after shooting , so you can have a chat get involved in this project.

You’d wanna be rolling down to my bloody alleycat too.

What “Bloody Alleycat”, Spud?

This one. But i’m stopping now because this is getting off-topic.

??? Is the alley cat next Friday ie 22nd as per adds etc?

Some people have been saying the following Friday 29th, which is strange, as it would clash with the roller Derby.

Well, if the thread starter can make it off-topic.

There is two alleycats coming up. One on the 22nd and one, mine, on the 29th. It doesn’t clash with the roller derby as it ends at the roller derby. It’s a pre-event, if you like.

hi, are you still looking for bikes and their owners??