Photographer need for Phil Wood shop

Underwhelmed at the lighting on the products on the Phil Wood shop.

underwhelmed at phil wood in general. would rather White ind hubs, SKF BBs, Salsa seatclamps, Motorex grease…

shiiiiiiiiit they make external cam qrs? for $126!? Add shimano QRs to the list.

^ Anticipating Phil Wood liquidation sale following Al’s comments.

have you seen how much their ‘lightweight’ road hubs weigh? and they have a rider weight limit on them. they’ve gotta be taking the piss.

I think I’d gleaned a while back that Blakey didn’t approve of Phil Wood and possibly Paul components as well.

At least the web site looks amazing!


I’m clicking “refresh” in the FOA trading section right now.

“Everything is photographed in detail and it really shows the craftsmanship of Phil Wood products.”

Yeah read that and had a chuckle, to be fair he’s referring to the website and not the store.

Which are still all renders.

if Blakey put a spec list together for a bike, it would ride awesome and be good value i recon… mind you my Phil wood BB has lasted 6 years so far (not sure what its going to look like when i take it out soon) i brought it for the bling

Polly sure gets defensive on behalf of his featured products. Almost like he’s being paid or something.

I still stand firm that they are all renders. Like the ikea catalogue.

prolly has worked with maya bro.

Yeah, he worked in architecture! When fixies were still a thing?

…because nothing ever changes or improves in computer graphics, right?

Phil Wood and now Ikea?! My world is crumbling around me!

i’d take phil track hubs over WI any day of the week. that’s pretty much where it ends though.

Pretty hard to fuck up a track hub, but wi did it with that spline

How much they weigh?
To be fair, you get two qr skewers for $124