Photos of you and your bikes!

Hey guys, I’m new here, and new to fixies in general, so hola! I met some of you at the Lyneham drain race a few weeks ago.

Anyway, I do Graphic Design at UC and for this semesters assignment I chose to make a fixed gear/single speed specific magazine.

I want to do a large portion of the mag doing rider profiles of Canberra fixie riders, so I need some models!
Photo’s of you + your bikes and a little bit about you (ie how you got into fixies, and tech stuff like gear ratios and any special parts you’re running)

If anyone would like to sign up, I’ll love you for it. I can’t afford to pay anyone of course (poor as, too much money gone into bikes) but I’ll gladly give you the portraits. Plus I’m in a pretty big class, and I’m sure you all wanna show off your bikes to as many people as you can

Oh also I’m pretty keen to come on one of these rides being organised, so I might see you all soon!

Jack if you wanna sign up. Or just reply here I guess…haha


hey jack, count me in.

Hi jack, an email is in your inbox! :slight_smile:

ah shit yer.get my shit pressed and snap.

im studying GD at UC as well…2nd year

count me in

im on a chrome bianchi pista with a red and yellow cenelli alter stem

Heaps keen, would have meet you at the drains, on the italian painted bike, im at UC to, hopefully see you around

I work as a GD so yeah dude… I can help you out.
Let me know when you want some shnappy shnappys!

Awesome, thanks heaps for the interest everyone! Maybe this could be an excuse to get everyone together for a ride this weekend? I live in O’Connor so if you live anywhere near there, this is potentially a very quick and easy affair.

How many of you would be keen for a bit of a social ride/meet/raunchy photo shoot this w/e?

def keen for a ride

is the bbq / ride still going ahead for sunday? maybe we can combine (queue dramatic music)

I thought that was next weekend! If it’s this Sunday, even better!

you’re right - it’s next sunday - i can’t count :? :?

i’m hella down for a ride this weekend then :slight_smile: who else!! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah! i rode from downer to tuggers today for the first time so i’m pumped for more riding!

I’m in for this weekend too. Now to decide which bike is sexiest!!!

going to tuggers from northside is fun, coming home is what will kill you!

good luck!

Tomorrow alright for everyone? Shall we just meet in civic somewhere, sometime? (SPECIFIC!)

Skyfire tomorrow night… booyah!

i’m good for tomorrow.

sounds good just say where and when

Alright, let’s say at the giant goon bag in Garema Pl around 3PM? Unless you guys prefer something earlier.
We can go pretty much anywhere from there pretty easily, maybe down to the lake? I guess we’ll just wing it!

Sound okay?

sounds good.