Pickup and Send

Howdy Sydneysiders,

i won myself an awesome #sotb fluro fade last night:
Vintage Neon Fixie Road Bike Early 80’S Reynolds 708 Tubing Frame in Cherrybrook, NSW | eBay

aside from being pickup only, it’s also out on the northern fringe.
is there anyone that’s able to pickup, pack and send it down to me here in Melbs?
appropriate compensation will be provided.


It’s in my neck of the woods, but #dadlyf rules me out.
Maybe contact Lorday, not sure what his uni load is like at the moment, but he’s close by and might have more time than me.

Edit: if you get in a total pinch and no-one can get there, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. #lastresort

I can’t facilitate a pick up but have a box(es).

Can do pick up and will steal boxes from Henri.

Nice buy

thanks y’all.

will pm you later today lorday.

Turns out to be a Hillman.

10/10 buying

Guys at Hillman currently believe it’s a “Hillman”.
They’ll check the books for me tomorrow (aren’t kept at the shop) but they reckon the serial is too early for the 708 tubing.
Will report back.

I’d say it’s more like early nineties.

So do they think it’s a “Hillman” as in not a Hillman at all? Your inverted commas threw me.

correct, they don’t believe it was built by them.
should hear back from them tomorrow when they check their books…

For those playing at home it had a 4 digit serial on the bb and a matching one on the steerer.
Suntour track ends and dropouts.
Original paint. No signs of any other decals.

Both my former verified Hillman’s had 4 digit serials on BB and steerer.

Hillman confirmed that it isn’t one of theirs. The serial number in their books is for a junior road bike with a 19" ST.
They also reckon it’s about 2000 frames too early to be made by them in 708 tubing.

So, much like #DarylSomers my wet weather roadie, i have another lovely custom bike with no confirmed maker. Maybe i’ll get some McBain decals for it, an isotope for a head badge, and ZeGoggles in calligraphy along the TT.

Well I be damned.