Piledhighers Alpine Training

Given Triggers pretty serious and keen thread I’m going to put my training regime out there, possibly as a public service as to how not to do it. I’m signed up to the 200 again this year.

I usually like to think about 12 weeks out from a big event so I’ll back date a couple of weeks and try to update every week with the totals…

12 Weeks out - Week ending 6th November

6 rides - 123km
Longest ride 53km including warrandyte climb…

11 weeks out - weekending 13th November

5 rides - 108km
Longest ride 43km Bouli laps.

10 weeks out - weekending 20th November

6 rides - 113km
Longest day 38 km extended commutes

9 weeks out - weekending 27th November

6 rides - 111km
Longest day 40km extended commutes

8 weeks out - weekending 4th December

9 rides - 148km
Longest day 50km extended commutes

7 weeks out - week ending 11th December

6 rides - 148km
Longest day 66km extended commutes

6 weeks out - week ending 18th December

4 rides - 81km
Longest day 38km extended commutes

Finger to be extracted this week for sure…

Some late updates

5 weeks out, week ending 25 December
11 Rides - 258kms
Longest day 63km extended commutes

Some late updates

4 weeks out, week ending 1 January
3 Rides - 59kms
Longest ride 39km

3 weeks out, week ending 8 January
5 Rides - 155kms
Longest ride 43km

2 weeks out, week ending 15 January
9 Rides - 250kms
Longest ride 102km - kinglake return

1 weeks out, week ending 22 January
7 Rides - 206kms
Longest ride 95km - double donna

Coming, ready or not…

good luck man!

hopefully i will get my stuff organised and do this next year.

how’d you go?

Done and run, ~9’15 on the bike and something liek 9’50 elapsed time. Slower than the last two attempts but training…

Buffalo was the killer, heat, ashphalt popping like bubble wrap, very pleased to get to waterland.

Worst bit: No icepoles on Buffalo
Best bit: the Marshall who asked me if I was heading up Buffalo at 5pm (fortunately I was done and heading back to my accom and a beer and a swim)

Last week, week ending 29 January
9 Rides - 423 kms
Longest ride 216km - Alpine Classic plus back and forth to accomodation.

Now to do some running, 45km run in 6 weeks but thread belonds on another forum.

well done on finishing again.

road or trail run?

Trail run, 6ft track, have something to prove after last years dismal run…