Pimped my ride

Just decided to give the old girl a make over. Was a specialized langster (and still is). Painted it myself (first Time) and am quite happy with how it has come out.

You can see me (and prob should with the loud colours) in the berra or occasionly in melbs.

Let us know what you think.

Like the paint job, Its Tron meets gay

Very licorice all sorts, adidas track pants from the nineties, and hypercolour tees - but i like it. :slight_smile:

Looks like:


look at all dem purty colours



it is borat voice very niiiice.

now i wish i was a wog, so then i could put a neon on the down tube and go ‘psh’ everytime i would change gears if i had any

meh, just do it anyway

well i do have red and blue lights that i put on the valve stems when ridding at night.

Just get these:



Do I even need to point out how wrong this is? :roll:

fuck you then. bloody skippy. haha


Its not to often that I feel the need to quote the wisdom of Frenzal Rhomb. But lets keep these forums clean of this sort of stuff hey?

“And everytime you have a pointless dickhead relating
another unfunny ignorant joke based on pigment you should say
That belongs in yesterday.
Start today you can say it’s not OK, don’t go along for the ride
well it’s not too late for you to say when they say that it’s alright
well it’s not alright, it’s not alright
Some of my best friends are racist”