Pinarello Pista

PINARELLO Paris Pista Track Frame & Fork 55cm Fixed - eBay Frames, Bike Parts, Cycling, Sporting Goods. (end time 02-Oct-10 20:25:10 AEST)

Sweeet !!

I dunno … good looking, yes, a great bike to race, probably, nice paint, yes, … but as the seller points out “beautiful craftsmanship” … I dunno. Fat Tig welds isn’t my idea of craftsmanship, it’s just a very simple and strong way to weld steel or aluminium easily. It does take some skill but it’s also one of the quickest ways to put a bike together.

As a tool, it’s great but not so elegant or stylish as some other frame options.

That’s just me :wink:

maybe that’s why he described it as craftsmanship, not artisanship :wink:

Well there’s not much artisanry in lugged steel frames, for the most it’s glorified pipe fitting. Hardly anybody goes the extra length and does something truly artistic, and many don’t even get the basics like clearance, tube selection, perfect mitering, geometry etc etc right.

Craftsmanship means that without paint that frame should be easily identifiable and a signature or details of the hands that made it should be readily evident. All I see is big fat crude tig/mig welds that I can better than is evident. Exploited labourers in China are doing way better welding than is evident on that frame these days.

Doesn’t take anything away from the frame. It’s to viewed as a tool, and will ride, function exactly the same. It’s put together the way it is because it’s quicker/easier. I don’t see the craft.

I’ve got these same welds on my roadie and trust me, they aint pretty in the flesh

it is soulless, this is true

But it’d make a great frame to actually race on. Crash it, toss it, buy another. Fancy lugs and pretty details don’t make you any faster.

Then again there’s plenty of such frame options, many of which are cheaper.

the world of subjective quantifying is an interesting one… :stuck_out_tongue:

but to me, the way i would express it. Is it just seems like a product formed for monetary profit rather than any passion by the ‘craftsman’. As you said, the welds, the so called engraving (isnt it just stamped or cast that way?), typical paint job etc etc, just seems like it is created for market expectations. Commercial soulessness

I just thought it looked nice.

it’s ok man, tough crowd :wink:

I like it.