Well thought I’d post the first photo of my pinarello.
Finished putting it together last week.

Yeah its a bit bright and hipsterish, but whatever i like it.

Frame - Pinarello (Corey’s Old Frame)
Cranks/BB - Sugino 75s
Wheels - DuraAce 7600s laced to deep Vs
Stem/Bars - Nitto
Pedals - MKS sylvian with Soma doubles (not pictured)
Saddle - Rolls

Sweet, well probably take some more shots in the near future.

  • Grosey

That’s a rad build. Blue wheels aren’t my thing but I’m sure you dig 'em. I reckon with the black rear triangle and forks a set of black rims would look killer.

cheers man,

yeah blue wheels not for everyone, but i’m a fan of the blue/orange combo and in a previous life this frame was run with black rear so needed a change. :slight_smile:

very nice! front end looks pretty steep, hows it handle on the street?
+1 on black wheels, although orange and blue are a good combo

nice build dude! what size is the frame?

That is a MAD rig! wild wheels

Absolutely love the frame!

that frame is sweet, i love the radial front

It’s very nice mate… got to agree about black wheels but it’s your bike - if you like it then that’s all that matters.

That is a very nice bike dude. The colours look rad surprisingly, despite what other may think.

And yeah whats the front end like on the street. Its steep as. Uncomfortable???

Sweet bike.

I remember that frame from Corey! He used to have a wheelset on it with red-sprayed spokes.
This bike looks great

That was a cool bike back then! You should have nabbed his wheels from the Rauleur as well.

the wheels ruin it for me
if you ran chrome it would look sooooooo nice

Hipster doesn’t come to mind from the effort gone into that build or the effort to take such a great image. Well done

sweet ride, whcih handle bars are u using?

Thanks for the feedback guys…this bike took me ages to finish; climbing, uni, 3 months in wheelchair etc etc, so I’m stoked to have it on the road.

rather than answer questions individually i’ll just generalise…

the bars are the b123 400mms (steel version) and the whole front end is bloody steep, I’m in two minds what to do here, looks rad imo but I’m used to riding risers so if i don’t get used to them in the near future, I may change stem to something more user friendly.

i can see people’s point regarding blue rims, certainly not for everyone. black would work I agree, as horatio has already said corey ran it with black rims/orange spokes and it look sick too. but i wanted something different etc…chrome I think would just like washed out.

Oh and cheers for the thumbs up re. photo too

love the bike…i have always wanted to ride a pinarello be it fixed or a full geared free wheel…you have an amazing bike on your hands

such an nice frame. i second what a few people have said dont like the rims. deep vs are so played out get some nice low profile track rims would be burninggg

Your lucky man got good bike and good stuff but
I think if you ran chrome it would look sooooooo nice