pink bike for a girl

A friend of mine wants to get a bike but it has to be pink.
It also needs to have gears. She’s not quite ready to go fixed unfortunately but I forgive her :wink:

Anyone got any suggestions? I know giant have the t-mobile bikes but it needs to be a “girlier” pink. Can be road or MTB I guess.

I’m considering getting something resprayed but I wanted to see if anyone could suggest anything (or had anything for sale).

Or find a suitable bike and powdercoat the frame.

… and cheaper possibly? :wink: - should be available at most Avanti retailers

mmmm Orbea… -drool-

Btw I don’t really like pink bikes, I recall a few from a discussion on a different forum and in fact I hate how a lot of WSD frames are pink or pastel or some other bleh colour - not all women like pink!!

Mmmm… pink :slight_smile:

Now, if only I could get those zombie monkeys in pink!

not really in the Giant T-mobile bike range, but pink and sort of cheap is the pink on-one that they are trying to sell at Abotsford (hmm no gears though)

The one at Abbortsford is actually a pink 1x1 Surly mountain bike SS frame. It’s been in the shop for a long time and the guys at the shop will probably take any reasonable offer for it.

It’s brand new but like Omar said, not geared. You could run it with an internally geared hub.

Of course, the cheapest option would be to find an off-the-shelf bike and re-paint or powdercoat the frame.


yeah I saw that pink one again when I was there on tuesday night. Gears are a must at this stage. The only decent internally geared hubs are the rohloffs which are the price of a decent bike on their own really.

I think the best option is to get a nice bike and get it resprayed. SHE isn’t a fan. I think she thinks that it’s going to look poxy. I need to bring her around to this idea. I got my hillbrick resprayed (I even got Paul to post me some decals for it) at bicycle recycle and it looks farkin hot. It’s this slightly-pearlescent metallic midnight-blue. It basically looks black except on sunny days when this brilliant blue emerges like a dozen ninja-babes in lingerie.

looks like you have to a: tell her to shut the hell up and take your advice or b: cast her off to deal with it herself.

“it’s got to blah, it’s got to blah, it’s got to blah blah blah blah”. If she has such a concrete idea of what she wants, let her go work it out for herself.

er… back on-topic: these SUB’s look like a very good option :slight_smile:

yeah I think so too (on both counts). I’m still not 100% sure if she actually wants a bike, or whether she just likes the idea of a bike…

Everyone wants a bike… they just don’t realise it yet :smiley:

If current peak oil concerns are founded, everyone needs a bike, they just don’t realise it yet.


Felt Joe C.
[(or is it Felt DISC?)

“Peak Oil” hahahahaha, We will always have oil, just not ‘cheap’ oil…

That’s what I mean :confused:

Well, in that case, how about you get a pony in my size and paint it ‘man pink’, so that when she parks it after a few rides you can sell it to me for cheap! :smiley:

Get a new girlfriend and sell the old one.

NATH 2/3rds of the way through a hard week of training.
Getting grumpy yet mate? :wink:

nah - i piked today and rested so all is good. Sunday will be interesting tho… we’ll talk then :slight_smile: