Place to crash

Hey all you NSW folk, hoping some of you may be able to help us out with a place to crash for a night, a friend and I have so far ridden fixed from Melbourne, and have been spending heaps on food to keep the bodies running and accom is killing us, hoping maybe some of you kind people would allow us to crash for a night, we’d arrive around 6 leave around 7 the next morn, ulladulla, Sydney, and anywhere north of there between Byron is where we need help, we should be getting to ulladulla tomorrow, then we’re fine for woollongong, arriving in sydney Tuesday, and aiming to do about 120-150 km intervals between there and Byron. hope to maybe catch up with some of you next week, PM or post here if you can help, any would be greatly appreciated.

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I’m out of Sydney for the weekend and will only get back there pretty late on Tuesday night, so not sure if I can help. Which way are you going north to Byron? I assume the coast way, but there’s some good inland detours if you have time. Hilly though. How many people? I’ll see if I know anyone that might be able to help.