Place to watch the Paris-Roubaix

Just wonderin if anyone know of any Bars or Pubs that are gonna be playin the Paris-Roubaix on Sunday?

I’m watching it at my LBS, there’ll be beer and pizza and it’ll be on the big screen. YOU are more than welcome. :wink:

is this going to be on foxtel?
i had a look at the guide for sunday night but no luck.

SBS @ 2210 (10:10pm for noobs)

Fuck it, maybe i should just get some hookers and whisky and watch it at home.


Looking forward to watching this.

I was looking through the previous years on youtube and remembered the George Hincapie snapped steerer tube- did they ever work out what went wrong. How pissed would you be? :lol:

The fork had carbon blades, and an aluminium steerer. Failure was at the stem.

Steerer was shot peened, which can improve fatigue performance, and anodised for corrosion resistance.

The likely cause was the crash earlier in the race, which would have initiated the crack, and then continuing to ride it over the pave grew the fatigue crack (faster than it would have on smooth roads) until catastrophic failure occurred when there wasn’t enough material left to bear the load. Additionally, the stem/headset may have caused a small notch/stress concentration which help to accelerate failure.

Should have changed bikes after the first crash.

Thanks for the enlightened response as usual Blakey. :slight_smile:

Makes you think about the durability of modern components…

Have a look at RR41 (link currently down) for a carbon vs steel fork-sword fight.

Carbon isn’t a long term (i.e. >5yrs) frame material. I wouldn’t buy a 2nd hand carbon bike/fork/stem/bars… I’ll happily ride a 50yr old steel frame given a check over for cracking etc.

So what happens… let me guess, carbon shattering? :evil:

Guy walked into a bike shop one day while I was there, had a carbon frame (a GURU, very expensive thing from Canada).

He had t-boned a car. Carried the frame in a green garbage bag, there wasn’t a piece of it more than about a foot long, all with shards of jagged carbon sticking out everywhere. I think that’s what we call “catastrophic failure”.

Carbon beats steel until they introduce notches. Then Carbon fails catastrophically, steel bends. Not a comforting thought when you’re bombing down a steep descent.

It’s stories like this that make you nervous. I wonder how the warranty is for a carbon frame- full of lot’s of fine print?

Sorry, off topic… has a carbon frame ever disintegrated in a race?

My place :smiley: got a few boys here now just waiting for the race to start. If your in briz shoot me a PM

ugh, sympathy pain! :expressionless:

What a race! How was that motorbike going into the crowd :oops:

i think it was a police bike! how crazy.
Great race, hope Boonens clean.

I remember talking to an ambulance officer during a ride and he mentioned that in recent times the major injury that cyclists experience in a big crash is all the little shards of carbon that get embedded in the skin. Apparently it’s worst than having your bones broken. Something to think about.

This race does it year in year out,

Watched it with three footy fans and they were amazed that they were hooked by all the action.

And what about young wes from tassie, that’s one kid on the move.