places to eat

a guy i know from canada is spending a night or 2 in perth.

where’s good to eat close to the CBD? l


ahhh shit im actually here now and trying to think but i draw a blank…

dietary restrictions?

just burgers, just open’d up on william st north bridge, its pretty good and a good mix for all dietary problems

good fortune duck house on william st used to be one of my favorite little seedy asian places when i still ate flesh(also up on william st on you right hand side as you walk away from the city)

matsuri for good japanese

and for all coffee and lunch needs one place only
best esspreso in town and the now have slow drip!(finaly perth is catching up)
ZEKKA on king st

and ummm fuck man, i can’t think for some reason, but im sure theres more

oah and for good coffee and good food just a little out of the cbd in mount lawley(i guess the brunswick st of perth) cantina is pretty good!

As far as Coffee goes, I wouldn’t go to Cantina. You can get better at the Lowdown Espresso Bar
Lowdown Espresso Bar

But, I must say that Jus Burgers, Matsuri and the Good fortune are all places I have loved.

Grill’d on beaufort St > Jus Burgers.

Uncle Billy’s on Roe st china town > Good fortune.

Sorry gene!

havnt tried matsuri, and not a coffee drinker.

if you like Indo food, Sparrow on Williams st is pretty good.

Chinese Yum cha - Royal Seafood on aberdeen is good, and not too pricy.

Fine Dining - Amuse…but may need to book way in advance =(

Thai…Thai Orchard on beaufort is pretty good, not too pricy, a little on the sweet side rather than full authentic.

thanks all - i’ll pass this on. pretty sure he’s neither vegan or vego.

Takas is good and cheap
Taka’s Kitchen - Google Maps

Ah yes, +1 for Takas!

ok i dig uncle billys but for duck good fortune kills all and any competitors! as for uncle billy’s smash the pepper squid all day long!

BUT GRILLED, are you serious i will go to war of this jase, grilled can go suck a big fat… fat… somthing! Jus bugers is a local company using local produce, and they kill it! i will hear no more of this grilled talk!

yes sparrow is awesome indo and amuse is good, mckenny think vue da monde or movita, but more vue da monde

hmm…didnt try the duck to be honest, i was thinking more chinese food in general…Wife said it was average though, but not too bad.

As for Grill’d and Jus Burgers…DUDE! noo wayyyyyyyyyy

have you tried V Burger Bar in vic park?


you done burger bistro in shafto lane across from taka?

The moon cafe, Northbridge.
Open till late every night and $11.95 pizza or pasta Mon and Tues nights!

The Moon Cafe — Late Night Cafe in Northbridge


grill’d and VBurger Bar are my faves, FAB and Flipside in leederville are meh.

be the way gene, you wernt staying at your mates house on Bulwer St were you? across from Nam thai and 9 fine foods?

Wagamama. anywhere, i know its national but still good food wherever.

I went to a awesome chinese restaurant just off hay st in East perth?? somewhere, i think the street started with W… its not william st nor in chinatown. cant remember the name. it had stupid LED lights or something out the front, but AMAZING food.

Rivervale hotel, despite its shitty exterior and demographic, the food there is pretty damn good.

CBD restaurant/bar - Hay St, Perth CBD. fucking great.

Totes McDonalds and Hungry Jacks.


nope man im up on ruby st, and yep burger bistro is pretty shit espcially as a large chips is 16 dolla! 16 dolla for a large chips!

Oh hey, Jus Burgers opened another shop in Northbridge Gink. So that makes two places you can get the same shit burgers.

ouch dude ouch…