places to get frame repairs [melb]


I’ve recently purchased an eddy merckx road frame and everything is perfect except for a small dent in the steerer tube, which may have occured during transit.
I’d like to think that this damage is minor, and steel being steel that it is repairable.


The frame in all its glory

Was wondering if anyone can reccomend where I can take it too, to sort this out?

You need someone to try and cold press it out for you. Give Gripsport a call on 9437 1954…

Dan at Shifter might also know somethin bout getting it done with no fuck ups as well…

A friend at work recommended bike bar ( in Fitzroy. Their website dosent give away much though. Anyone had any experience dealing with them?

the guys at abbotsford cycles chopped my Kusuki drops the other day and did a great job. they’d prob be able to help. 9429 6889.

The guys at Abbotsford Cycles chopped my Kusuki drops the other day and did a great job (simpler operation, I know). Might be worth giving them a call 9429 6889.

Jesse at the bike bar will do a good job, but it will cost you…

you will need someone with some expanding collets to do it with any control, then it will need to be reamed.

not unreasonable that the frame is toast tho. that is a fair amount of plastic deformation.

go see ponybike,
she’ll sort u out.