Places to go / things to see.

So I’ve go the usual guide books etc, but are there any places that I should be checking out when I arrive in Brisbane that are unlikely to be in the books?

How long are we talking? A day/week/month? Check out Rochedale some time for sure!

Would help if we knew what kind of stuff you are into, whether or not you are an outdoors type or into art etc. If you have a car, Cedar Creek falls is pretty cool as are some of the other waterholes.

ROSIES, nuff said :wink:

xcx, your moving here with your missus from what i’ve read in your other thread.
You’ll get shown around no doubt, theres plenty stuff to go do and see.
Cedar Creek is sweet, trips down sunshine or gold coast etc. Make sure you get in contact with us when you settle in and you’ll be right.

Yeah we’ll be over for at least a year. Won’t have a car straight away at least.

Stayed in Toowong when we came over, seemed a nice area. Also went to a gig at the Tivoli.

Am into music in a big way. Indie / no-wave / metal / hardcore / drum n bass / dubstep. Etc etc, basically most things as long as its keeping it real.

Cinema and art are things we’ll be checking out.

Outdoor stuff sounds good, no doubt we’ll want to do more of that than we do here. Its rained here nearly non stop for the last 2 weeks.

So what’s Rosies then, a brothel?

Cheers guys.

It might as well be :smiley:

Your taste in musik will make you many freinds in the fixed gear scene. We are split down the centre with hardcore/metal & dubstep/DnB! There a few other alternative sorts aswell…

Keep track of GoMA exhibitions they generally have some good stuff

use and or to keep track of gigs happening around the traps

also check out and

I recommend laneway…sunset sounds is basically a copy of falls festival down in VIC/TAS

sunset sounds is run by falls, hence the same line up.

Check out nine lives gallery if your into street art, photography type of stuff. Gardeners falls up at maleny is a good spot to stop for a swim. Nice drive up there to.

Cheers everyone, plenty to add to my list there.

Woah, so I’ve arrived. Bit jetlagged at the moment. The house hunting starts today, we have 2 weeks to find somewhere before our current accomodation comes to an end.

Am looking for a cheap large frame bike (I’m 6ft 2in) to get me up and running if anyone knows of anything.


I hear marty has plenty :wink:

also if you are in or around the city dont be shy and come say hi to all the messengers, when were not working were hanging out infront of the central post office on queen street!

All the slow ones ride fixie, the quick guys ride gears :wink: We dont bite either.

sorry new guy, im not gonna bite :stuck_out_tongue:

gears are for fags :evil:

Wow, I’m from Brisbane and didn’t know Brisbanites were split down the middle with hardcore/metal + dub/dnb.
You learn something new everyday, haha.

Rosies is an alternative club.

were not split as in we dont mingle, just split enough to give each other shit :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha good stuff.
Only dude I know from here is Craig Johnson.
But I don’t ride yet.
Too poor