places to ride tassie style

i keep seeing that the tassie section gets no love
I will be down you way Xmas time and am thinking of bringing a bike.
I’ll be around the Richmond area.
I like hills, so is there much on offer around that area?

Heaps of places! Grasstree Hill is a classic. Back Teatree Road loop is great… from Richmond the possibilties are endless.

I’ll be back down in Tassie from early Dec until Feb… Bottles and Chains will be putting on a few events over this period… Keep an eye on the website and if you’re super keen give me ahoy on 0437277446 and we’ll take you out for a few social rides mate.


Yep, I’ll second that. Summer’s going to have lots going on.

Hi Guys I coming down to Tassie for two weeks starting the 26th December keen to do some rides.
Will be staying in Margate thinking about going along on the Salamanca Cyclists ride :slight_smile:
Is this a fixed friendly ride if not are any of you guys keen to do a couple of rides?

Cheers Marcus

Sekt and benny you should do a event that incorporates THE TASTE,

It is the best time of the year to be in Hobart.

Do you guys do a weekly ride?
Many fixed crew

ADK Richmond has some nice riding around it as benny said. There will be BnC events between 26th and NewYears Beard and if your still about from the 1st jan onwards give us a hoay for a ride.

Never heard of Salamanca Cyclists (they won’t be fixed) but keen to check it out with you.

Not a huge fixed population but growing. I still probably know all of the guys riding on the road if you know what I mean.
No weekly ride but BnC is pretty active especially during summer.

sounds good I’ll be around from the 27th of December till 10 of January

Ben (bdstorer) is in Margate as well, so keep an eye out for a hungover guy on a Surly Crosscheck!

Check the BnC site & facebook for a heap of stuff happening over the next few days. Get amongst it, we’re a friendly bunch!

BnC for life. cant wait for the next meet!!

We have got to get a BnC crew together in Launnie too ! What better way to survive uni and the bogans !

Do it mate! Head it up! So far there are BnC Chapters in:

Rotorvegas (NZ)
Central Australia

We have a prescence in:

Columbia (For real…)

and we formerly had a chapter in London… There has been a few BnC events in Melbourne and the Sydney mob are just gearing up for action now…

As a regular visitor and once resident of Tasmania’s north, I’m always on the look out for fixed gears/single speeds in Lonny. A friend of mine had a Specialized Langster, but sold it after his first climb up Trevallyn hill! I dropped into Geard Cycles last weekend and noticed a Kona Paddywagon amongst the stock, so that gives me hope that a few FG/SS’s are getting around.

I’ll be riding my fixed gear from Devonport to Launceston in August (hopefully), so it would be cool to go for a bit of a ride with the local chapter…

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