Planet X Pro Carbon Track

Been waiting weeks for this to arrive!

Frame: Planet X Pro Carbon Track
Forks: Planet X Carbon TT Fork
Saddle: San Marco Aspide
Cranks: Sugino Messenger
Chainring: 46T Sugino Messenger
Sprocket: 16T something
Chain: Izumi gold
Wheels: Velocity Deep Vs with velocity hubs


I like these frames! If I ever go carbon, these are top of the list! Nice!

Slam that stem though :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t want to cut the steerer too short straight away - I’ll be playing with the spacers over the next couple of rides.

Like it, would ride the shit out of it on the track.

Needs 80mm carbon rims and more track time.

Looks good mang how’d the ride go to la parouse?

Wouldn’t mind one of these for track,
I would be a bitt duds on running that many spaces with a carbon fork.

If that ends up the height you like run a steep stem flipped up.
People will hate on you and me for saying it but those stems look good on track bikes.
Look at how half the worlds best sprinters are set up.

Totally agree Lorday - anyone rate the Chinese ebay carbon rims?

Argon: you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face!!

yep they are good for the money - planet x put stickers on chinese no name wheels and mark them up about 200%

agree re spacers, if you need the bars up high it is completely acceptable on a track bike to run an erection stem

Highly rate, I had one on my daily whip for a while. If they can put up with daily commuting and general abuse they’d be fine on the track.

looks good man

Love it. I want one.