Plasti dip, yay or nay?

Anyone used plasti dip on rims before? Mainly concerned about how it would cope on the braking surface.

I have plastidiped rims and forks before on my mtb jut to mix it up. I was pretty impressed with it both the look of the finished product and how tough it was.
However the rims I coated were disc equipped and it won’t stand up to braking as it’s literally a rubber like coating.

Thought that might be the case, thanks for the feedback

Definitely not suitable.

That said, the product is incredibly fun (especially the spray) for a bunch of other things.

I might try my fork, I’ve used it on a car before.

Remember to clean the surface really well and take your time spraying or it gets very…textured.

I’ve seen some horrible plasti dip jobs on cars / wheels. Do some research before you use it, if it’s not right it wont peel off like the adds. Fluros will fade, white gets dirty and overall it’s easy to chip.