Play your part in curing cancer!

As most of you are probably aware of The Ride To Conquer Cancer which is in a few months time. I’ll actually be riding for one of my best mates mothers who actually fought off breast cancer and it was at Peter Mac where she was helped, she will also be riding with us which is even better. I also know a few family friends who have been affected by it and this is just my way on helping cure cancer.

I’ve been struggling to raise money so any donations would be extremely appreciated.

Anyone who’s been affected by cancer in any kind of way wether it would be a relative, friend or even yourself you would understand - please donate to my page @

Let me know if you donate! Thanks ever so much.

Good work man, couple of us did it last year - good times. I don’t credit card so check ya PM’s

Yeah I’m doing it with a few close friends including his mum (the one who had breast cancer) and a few others. Should be really good, a challenge though but I’m up for it as it’s for a good cause.

Maybe if you’d posted more than 6 times in 6 months, and contributed something to the site, you might get some interest. Be it a good cause or not, hitting up members for money is cheap. IMO.

^^ aaawhh go easy man, fair call but he’s just a kid having a go. He may have read every post on here for all you know… ya know. It’s not like he’s getting the money, my 20 bucks via him could be the lobster that saves any one of our balls down track! End rant :slight_smile:

How in any way is it cheap? I’m just seeing if there actually anyone here that has the money and willing to donate money to go towards cancer research and help me achieve my goal for my best friends sake.

I would agree with you if I was asking you to send me money to pay for parts etc but I’m not, so leave it be.