please help me find strange derailleur hanger!

I desperately need to source supply of this type hanger for an older Apollo Giro roadbike (alloy front triangle with carbon rear stays)

It is an inboard mounted hanger with a single bolt hole. Apparently the manufacturer of these carbon rear triangle assemblies went out of business… So it is likely that this manufacturer sold rear stay sets to other companies/factories too.

I’ve already checked out Wheels Manufacturing/’s catalogue and cant seem to find anything suitable. I was hoping that someone with carbon frame hardware experience may be able to lend some knowledge… Mik? Ev?


Thanks guys.

if worst comes to worst couldn’t gonz lab fab one up for you?

I know quite a few Alchemy frames had inboard hangars, might be a case of trawling some LBS’s boxes for something close-ish and cutting and filing…

or 3d print it? (what Ronin said)

or an emergency hangar if you just need to get it rolling ASAP?
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Wheels Manufacturing Emergency Hanger

Alchemy frames you say? I have a frame which rumour suggests might be an alchemy. The frame is rooted, but I’ll have a look at the hanger tonight, from memory it was a removable one…

Modify hanger 58 wheels manf

send a pic of it via email to the guys, they’re awesome and will find something that will fit.

Get in touch with old mate who ran alchemy, he’s still around. I went an saw him at bicycle superstore on ferntree gully road a few years back and he still had a bunch of alchemy stuff there.

Sorry, just checked and its a no go from me.