Please tell me someone on here bought this

I missed out on this and should have contacted the seller after it was on the first time. My old boss, the late Mike Stout built this frame. If someone on here has bought it I would be very interested in purchasing it off of them.

Track Frame 54cm | eBay

[li]I have lowered the price because i would like to sell it i will not be going lower and it will only be on for one week,[/li][li]Do not watch unless you are prepared to bid.[/li][li]This frame is cash on pick up only no pay pal as i never see the money from my wife[/li][/ul]

Take that bidders!

Did watch, did not bid.

Tell us more about Mike !!

I stuck it up in this thread group… Good buy.

Mikey was a legend, he told me about racing back in the day, building frames with his old man. the struggles he had with the shops. yes he had 2 shops and had to close one down to be able to afford rent in the building that the shop is in now and he went on to buy