Po Po by the river

There were a lot of police by the riverside cycleway (can’t remember its proper name) this morning. There was a car by Oxley’s restaurant and a large group walking towards north quay. There were also some signs being put up. Not sure if they are carrying out checks but I thought it was worth a heads up!

Dave and I saw them as well on the way back from Cootha at around 7:40am. I had a chat to the workmen there last week. The nice workmen I spoke to said they’d been copping abuse from a few overzealous super-commuters and A-grade wannabes. No doubt the cops have been put out to remind a few of these wankers that we need to share that space with the rest of the humans. I hate runners that run in the middle of the lane, and other tools that do the wrong thing, but who abuses a council worker for telling you to slow down through a work site? It’s because of these Lance wannabes that we ended up having to come to a complete stop in sections of the coro path last year and it will happen again if these wankers don’t pull their heads in.

Completely agree, although I don’t want to have my day ruined on my way home for not having a bell and reflectors!

Can anyone confirm whether there are actualy checks taking place? I might just play it safe and get the ferry.

just mash down corro on the road - that’s always heaps more fun anyways

No checks. They were probably only there to “make their presence known” in the morning. Probably already back at the station doing their regular job of eating donuts and watching youtube.