Pogliaghi Track...Get Some

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Get some of what? mmmmmm… i’m going to go out on a limb here and say it will go for $2k :wink:

I had the good fortune to have a Pogliaghi track frame that was owned by Eddie Salas with tired crappy green/gold paint, and no decals at the same time as I had a NOS Italian made Masi from the same period. The Pogliaghi clearly shone above the Masi and IMO is a far more desirable bike. Where the Masi was proud, robust. aggressive and stole the limelight with all that flash paint, the lithe, elegantly understated and livelier Pog was the one that caught my eye. I’d even class Pog’s above Colnago’s of the same period and on par with de Rosa.

Of course the beat up Pog with elite level provenance sold for $250 (to a Texan), whilst the flash paint Masi went for $1300, but the Pog owner splashed new paint and restored it to original and will also keep all the history together (thanks Marty :wink: ).

Salas’ Pog was originally Red and a cousin of this eBay frame as it was only 10 digits younger on the serial #. Strictly speaking it’s not a “real” Pogliaghi as Sante had handed over the reins to Rossin in the early to mid 80’s, so not nearly as collectible as the earlier ones (reads = less $'s), but it’s still a cracker and Rossin was clearly no slouch with the torch and file. The later Basso built Pog’s are nothing special.

If I wasn’t thinning the herd right now I’d be all over this except the wheels … but that’s an easy fix.

Ah, Kiwi’s Pog! Is this one of the first times AW @ Fyx has put something on eBay without a Buy It Now? I’m thinking around $2k also

i remember this from the post your bike part of the site.

bloody sexy.

If it goes over $2000 the buyer is not very observant. The link on the listing is to Fyxomatosis where the bike is listed for a buy it now price of 2k AUD.

I’ve got the other cousin: serial number 13179. Mine is not Sante built either (no “PSM” and too late a serial number). I figure mine to be around 1985, going by other serial numbers on Classic Rendezvous. Do you know what year Basso took over?

Sorry, I’m not up to scratch on exact dates not have I seen accurate reference to either

Did somebody say De Rosa?

Correct - only $2k

It’s a bargain.

Kiwi spent $100 on rechroming the fork, $300 on paint by Star Enamellers, $50 on decals to get the frame pristine.

Sashae’s last pog sold for USD$1450 frame and fork only and was rough at best.
eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices

It’s a deal. It’s a steal. It’s sale of the fcuking century. In fact… he should keep it!

email me if you are serious. Keep it local.

I see the similarity ; ).

YouTube - Tom and Nick the Greek haggling - Part 1 - From Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels

Yeah - buy it someone - I have a wife to keep happy!


Lovely !!! Your size too :wink:

yell if you need a hand :wink:

// sorry, had to