Polishing alloy?

Hi brains trust.
I have have some nice looking (can’t remember the name) cranks from the 80’s
BUT they look U-G-L-Y as they have, what I call, spider veins all over them. It kind of looks like a corrosion bug has traced it’s way along the cranks and stem.

Ive tried metal polish and buffing on a buffing wheel, no luck. Should i hit it with wet and dry? Doesn’t appear to have a clear coat.

pictures may help

The cranks will be clear anodised. Hit them with either an oven cleaner that contains caustic soda or better still just dissovle some caustic soda with water, dip your cranks in, sand, then polish. All the info is there if you have a search.

Yeah WTF is that little corrosion bug trail* caused by? I’ve got it on my shimano levers.
I think JKLP is right though - the cranks are probably anodized and you’ll have to get that off first. It is quite a process to get them back to mirror finish, but a satifying exercise. There are plenty of good guides on here and on the web. Don’t soak the cranks in the acid bath too long!!

Good name by the way.

This should get you started.

Tutorial: Polishing Bicycle Parts (Prolly Is Not Probably)