Poll: Which Pedals Do You Ride Fixed On?

So this is really just for the sake of having a poll. Although, I don’t condone the kind of pointless poll-happy behaviour you might find on whirlpool.

Anyway, to answer ndf’s question, which kind of pedals do you use?

And feel free to chime in with bitching and moaning about how the poll options are crap.

im on spd’s as a carry over from mountain biking. i’d like eggbeaters, but … $.


I ride FLATS…combined with my volleys… its a crazy combination, but it works.

But if I do long rides, like to work, its with eggbeaters.

Most of the time I’m on pedals and straps with steel toe clips coz it means I can wear anything from my boots, to my thongs (a bit dangerous if you try to brake hard in thongs).

However, I’ve just put on my old spd’s (from my touring bike) coz i went on a long ride. Very good.

Positives and negative to both types.


I still ride flats, still with my volleys…now with different socks. Not sure if that counts…

I tried platforms this afternoon to check ou the How-insane-is-Rhino value, and my hat is truely off to you Rhino. I can do it for a block or two, but get me to trackstand on flats and my ass is sure to meet the ground and likewise if I need to skid/resist/hop.

Sure, they’re nice in a they’ll-rip-you-to-shreds sense (translation: they look mean), but I just can’t do platforms on a fix.

Wait til he breaks out the home made SPD XXXX (the beer not some adult entertainment reference) thongs.

Brakeless flats: Insanity.
Flat pedal skids: Gold.

Your missing out on the vital part of the platform pedal combination…the volleys!!!

Sure, they have one of the most flexible soles ever, but with that, you get a good grip. Stopping is an issue though…a big issue.

Dredging up an old thread here but I learnt a lesson on Sunday on my first ever street fixie ride and that is that road pedals suck balls in this environment.
For future street rides I will be on my Candy’s and the road pedals will stay on the track.
Much easier to clip in and out of Candy’s than to try to find the right side of the road pedal.
Probably would help if I was not so shithouse at track stands. :roll:

Road pedals appeal to me in that way: not being able to clip-out easily, because I’d then just track-stand all the time and not be lazy like I do sometimes. But I don’t think it’s worth it, for the roadie duck-walk when you get off the bike.

Time ATAC MTB pedals = bulletproof.

SPD’s on all my bikes…
Only one set of shoes…

ATB - DBL sided Shimano 520’s with cages. Can ride without cleated shoes
Track - Single sided road SPD’s wound up to full tension
Road - DBL sided Shimano 520’s without cages

Would run a more conventional road pedal on the track for preference, but keeping common cleats for all bikes keeps it simple for me…

Doesn’t anyone else run the classic Time MTB puppies. Have to THE hottest number on the road (and off now that i think of it).

Yeh, nah, i just love em!

Has anyone ever used these?

interesting idea. wonder how well it works day after day. nice idea though.
i’m riding Time ATAC xe on both the fixies, and ALIUM on the MTB and unless something happens over the next little while, i’m not changing these. brilliant pedal, with a better engagment and relaese than the eggbeaters i’ve ridden. plus so far the durability has been really good. i ride the xe’s for 8 hours a day and was worried about durability of a nylon/plastic pedal. still perfecr so ffar, and now i’ve changed the cleats to allow more float, i haven’t pulled out once through some pretty harsh panic slides at work.
lots of love for the Times!