Polly x FOA stickerz

Here’s the deal. I work in the CBD and know most of you. When I get the stickers, I’ll post on here. PM me to organise collection.

The first sticker is free, every other sticker after that is a gold coin donation to FOA hosting costs. You can give it to me and I’ll PayPal it all in one lump sum. I don’t want any money, but we all love and use this site, so DONATE!

I don’t know how many stickers I’ll get, but first in best dressed and hopefully everyone will at least gets one or two.

I’ve got them… Who wants one?

Yep. Can meet you tomorrow same as last time?

any chance you could leave some at treadly?

I’ll try and leave some at Treadly tomorrow.

PM me and I’ll give you my number to collect, or if it is still going I can swing by the Tuesday Night Ride…?