Polo guys, Halp.

Yo. I need a busted ski pole for getting shots like this when in Japan:

This Is Snowboarding on Vimeo

Let me know if you have a spare one that I can give you a longneck for!


oh man, i’m going to this part of the world on the 25th!!!

this video has upped my excitement levels substantially!!

Are you going snowboarding? Who are you flying with, out of curiosity… I was idling searching for JP flights the other day…

flying to seattle with Virgin Australia. connecting through LA. flights were about $1300 return, but i bought them a while ago. my mate lives in bellingham and i should’ve actually flown into vancouver, it’s closer than seattle. didn’t quite realise that at the time.

we’ll be on mt baker most the time, but we have 6 days at Big White in BC and will probably try and get to whistler too.

sorry ezylee, bit of a threadjack!! pm me nick if you need any more info. happy to help. oh, and yeah, snowboarding. buying my first board when i get there. :slight_smile:

Ahh, sorry, my bad, I misunderstood - You’re going to Canada, Ezy is going to JP!

Back to the ski pole search.

aahhh, as did i! the vid was taken in whistler…

I am flying with Jetstar. One of the only flights (at the time of booking) that fly in direct to Tokyo rather than stopping over somewhere. Which was pretty important as traveling in the air is just wasted holiday time. I opted to pay for more luggage (I will be allowed 30kg all up).

I went on to one of those sites that compare flights across different airlines first (Cheap Flights, International Flights | Jetabroad AU | Cheap Flights). This gives you an idea for how long you will be traveling for… then choose the one you like, then go directly to the chosen airline site and book. Will often be cheaper.

Before you buy your flights though, get travel insurance. I have been told if you buy travel insurance after purchasing flights then you may not be able to claim the flights if something goes wrong. I was in this position a month ago trying to decide wether to pull the pin on my trip or not because of a grade 1 medial ligament tear. Should be good now so I am just waiting to the 9th when I fly out.

Designed a tour shirt last night.

Fuck ths ski pole, lets talk about the snow!

i totally forgot about travel insurance until a friend reminded me yesterday!! it’s on my to do list for today. i have a friend that is a travel agent so i’m going to organise it through her. probably cost more but she’s been a massive source of info so i feel she deserves the commission.

that t-shirt is amazing!! now i feel my trip will be missing something! wanna make me one with a moose on it??? haha

maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan i cannot wait to get amongst it! i’m yet to experience deep, quality powder and i am equally nervous and excited at the prospect!!

How bout a moose knuckle?

hahahaha that could work. i kinda want the t-shirt you made, but with a moose saying ‘RAWR’ instead!! haha

I’ll see what I can do, when are you leaving? 25th jan or feb?

january!! haha it’s all good, bit too much short notice i’d say…

Yeah, not going to happen sorry!

all good man, i’ll keep your design skills in mind for future adventures though, i really like that design!

Going back to the ski pole, its also very handy when going back country. If you come to a flat just use the poles. Where in Japan are you going?

On the only slightly Canberra bike meet related matter in this post, the poles, you do realise they are about $1.33 each at the dump shops. As many as you can carry, in all kinds of retro colourful craziness.

Nicko, going to hakuba and will be hoping to go back country as I have heard it is pretty special there.

Ty, I got it sorted… Came to the conclusion that it is going to be more of a pain in the ass to lugg around with me when it isn’t in use. SOOOooo I got an extendable monopod that I can chuck in my backpack.

I thought I would test it out with the girl, check me out. My hair has grown, and I picked up a six pack too.

Iunno, L … thread seems like a cheap excuse to show off your mad snow skillz. Just sayin’.

Don’t forget about my new found abs.