Pop up dialogue boxes on Chrome Android Phone

Trying to figure out if its my phone or forum.

Only seems to happen on fixed, pop up boxes asking me to scan my phone which seem to lead to some dodgy website.

Anyone else have this happen?

NB: I know the mods can’t do anything but seems the most appropriate place.

(also scanned phone with anti virus etc, didn’t find anything)

have emailed to nickj.

Don’t get it on FOA but I do get it infrequently on some other sites

Could you post a screenshot or something with more detail?

I’ll try

Have you tried turning your phone on and off?

^ Do you work in IT now?

No I don’t. But it sure does sound like I am qualified.

there is happened again it seems to insert all sorts of weird ads on the page.

Yeah def something on your phone. Tried running https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cleanmaster.mguard&hl=en?

Yeah. I did some googling and I think that’s the case just didn’t happen on other pages though.

that banner ad shouldn’t be there…

congrats on being the 100000th visitor though mate.

Ta, cleaned the cahce on the browser plus some other stuff and it stopped happening but I’ll see if it keeps it away (was a few days between times it happend)

On a semi-kinda related subject (but perhaps not)

onEvery now and again, I get redirected to dubious websites when I’m intending on heading to fixed…

This seems to happen when I’m lazy and start typing the fixed url, end up at a google search results page, and then click on the fixed.org.au/forums/ search result… and then bam. a website I wasn’t expecting.

just happened just now on my phone using the google search result method… screenshot of the offending page (i’ll let it load fully next time).

Seems to happen on a few different PC’s, home laptop, office PC, and site PC
Anyways, is this coming from my end (on 4 different machines), or from somewhere between the fixed servers and myself?

EDIT, just seen a similar thing in the below thread…


yeah, dunno what that’s about, probably some bug put on FOA by all the fkn spammers we get.

Nickj knows about it, I get the impression it’s a bit of a mystery…

if you close the new page or hit back, the link usually works the second time.

yeah, its weird eh… Thanks Rolly

Hope a) I’m not reprimanded for being redirected to adult friendfinder (which was where I was redirected to while using a PC at this coal mine where I consult at), and b) leads the IT administrator blocking fixed at this site, or at my office.

Happens to me still too

Lately when i access FOA on my android tablet using Opera browser, it comes up with a malicious virus warning, but not on my PC using firefox.

Yeah i got sent to a nudie website today when i clicked an old FOA thread from google.

I keep on getting redirected to FOA from all the nudie sites I frequent. Halp