Popping pedals

Yo dudes,

I picked up some new MKS Sylvans a couple of weeks ago. Everything was fine and dandy, but lately I’ve been getting a weird popping in the left pedal.

Basically, on one point of the rotation, the pedal pops outwards slightly, as if a bearing is skipping or something. They’re all tightened up, and I’ve had a play and can’t feel any movement in them. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s more constant now.

Anyone else had a similar problem? It’s happened to me with older pedals as well, but I figured there shouldn’t be a problem with something new. It’s getting pretty annoying!

Any help is much appreciated, cheers.

Have you puled the pedal apart? Might be some foreign material in there…

I had a similar problem, but with different pedals. Turned out it was the bottom bracket: The lockring was loose, enough so that the adjustable cup was able to move very slightly. This felt like the left pedal was moving in and out - but only when pedalling really hard at low revs.

Maybe check that your BB is tight and that your crank bolts are done up? :slight_smile:

That sounds possible, because the pedal action really seems fine. I just tightened up the crank bolt on the left side and it was a bit loose. Let’s hope that was it! Cheers!