Portable battery chargers

Yo bike touring folk!

For those of you that haven’t got a wiz bang dynamo chargey port thingo, what portable battery charger do you use to keep your phone/gps charged over multiple days?

How big is it? How many charges does it have in it before going flat etc? How many bucks was it?

Discussion goes below. Thanks.

Check this out:

Also, take the capacity and number of recharges with a grain of salt as there’s a decent amount of potential loss when charging batteries.

Also, I have one of these, which is waterproof, but heavy for it’s capacity (only 6000mAh)

I have been using an Anker Powercore which has been great. Supports through charging which is a plus… you can charge the battery, whilst charging a device through the battery if that makes sense. Pick one for your budget and size limit. I went bigger than I thought I would need.

Also handy:

Watercolours and a paper map Rolly

I have one I bought for $10 bucks at Officeworks. They clear them out frequently as they update house models.

Is lightweight, charges my phone 2 (maybe 3ish) times per charge.

Alternatively I also have a Knog PWR Trail light, which is a light + power bank. I rate it and reckon its a very good piece of kit.

I have an Anker, 20,000mAh. Big bastard, but it means I know I can charge lights + Garmin + phone + …

according to the FAQ section of their website, seems the Anker models no longer support through charging…

thanks for all the suggestions folks, will look at this again soon when i can process the myriad of options!

Yeah, I realised I don’t have an Anker.

Mine is a Ravpower 22000mAH, model RP-PB052.

No worries Rolly anytime

yeah your suggestion was super handy.

which one have you got?

does 6000 work for you?

Not bikepacking, but for travelling I have two of the Xiaomi packs. A 10,000mah and a 16,000 mah. 16 is great but pretty heavy. I got mine overseas but this Aussie site also seems to have them.
Two outlet usb ports. Can charge and charge (?) at the same time.

If you’ve got time to wait for a slow boat from China, there are some pretty cracking deals to be had:

10,000mAh for under $20: https://www.gearbest.com/power-banks/pp_491123.html
20,000mAh for $40: Xiaomi Power Bank 2 White Power Banks Sale, Price & Reviews | Gearbest
20,000mAh for $26: ROMOSS Polymos20 20000mAh Power Bank Sale, Price & Reviews | Gearbest

Edit: the 2nd one there is a XiaoMi like what Keirin has. I’ve read a couple of good reviews of them on FB bikepacking pages. FWIW I’ve got a XiaoMi phone which works pretty great.

I bought one of those XiaoMi one’s … the 10,000mAh.

It’s ace if a little heavy.

I’d guess I could get a full charge to do my phone 4 times over or so…but I’ve never got to a point where it’s near empty.

tbh, i reckon i’d prefer something pretty light & portable as if i’m in my car i can always charge my phone off my ciggie lighter, so something that’ll do similar for in the pannier or whatever would be good. how much juice do high lumen lights need? just got a 760 lumen clip on as no more dynamo…


it’s temporary! :wink:

Rolly - I reckon this one will serve you well for around the town stuff.

+1 for Xiaomi. Great quality. Best value. Great deals show up frequently on the ozbargain web site. I also believe there are reviews online that tell you which chargers are really pass through if that is important to you