Portable battery chargers

If you’ve got time to wait for a slow boat from China, there are some pretty cracking deals to be had:

10,000mAh for under $20: https://www.gearbest.com/power-banks/pp_491123.html
20,000mAh for $40: Xiaomi Power Bank 2 White Power Banks Sale, Price & Reviews | Gearbest
20,000mAh for $26: ROMOSS Polymos20 20000mAh Power Bank Sale, Price & Reviews | Gearbest

Edit: the 2nd one there is a XiaoMi like what Keirin has. I’ve read a couple of good reviews of them on FB bikepacking pages. FWIW I’ve got a XiaoMi phone which works pretty great.

I bought one of those XiaoMi one’s … the 10,000mAh.

It’s ace if a little heavy.

I’d guess I could get a full charge to do my phone 4 times over or so…but I’ve never got to a point where it’s near empty.

tbh, i reckon i’d prefer something pretty light & portable as if i’m in my car i can always charge my phone off my ciggie lighter, so something that’ll do similar for in the pannier or whatever would be good. how much juice do high lumen lights need? just got a 760 lumen clip on as no more dynamo…


it’s temporary! :wink:

Rolly - I reckon this one will serve you well for around the town stuff.

+1 for Xiaomi. Great quality. Best value. Great deals show up frequently on the ozbargain web site. I also believe there are reviews online that tell you which chargers are really pass through if that is important to you

oops, forgot to add the link
Pros: Waterproof and nearly indestructible. Comes with cords (micro USB) attached (and adaptors for plugging in USB-C and Thunderbolt)
Cons: Low mAh for its weight compared to others.

Keep in mind you’ll probably (or should, at least?) have your phone on airplane mode, so your battery will likely last heeeeaps longer. You might not need such a large battery pack.

Having said that I carry a 10,000mAh battery cos if my phone’s dead I get way too anxious.

Check out ozbargain for heeeeaps of cheap battery deals.


thanks all.

Is this where I list another 5 options that are all better and cheaper than the one you just bought?

Go for it.



Yup - that is the exact one I bought a while ago which led me to buy a quality charger. Slow as fuck at charging and sometimes it won’t charge at all.


My battery pack was pretty handy at charging this…


I think Harry wants to talk about dynamo lights.

In the future - dyno is on my agenda, but for now a $45 battery covers that.