Porteur Wanaabe - DIY Styles

Basically cut up a rear rack, cut and bent some brackets, then used whatever i could find in my parts box. Wheels came from the McBain while she gets a make over, will eventually use a coaster brake rear.

Frame is a Kuwahara, was an Indi Hawk. Kuwahara headset and bb cups with gipiemme spindle, Kashima Saddle, Sugino Aero Mighty cranks, Stronglight fluted seat post. Stem and bars are cheapy items. Oh and the Penfold Grange Wine Box from the oldies.

Plans if i decide to actually spend on this thing - coaster brake 700c wheelset, 26.0 post (a nicer one), powder coat frame, Nitto Stem with VO Montmartre bars, varnish/weather seal the box. But we’ll see, i kinda like it being an ‘i dont give a fukk’ bike.

The bike

The box


The cranks

Looks cool … I like it. Especially as you’ve spent little $'s on it - looks better than many who try hard/spend lots.

But how’s it ride with the box loaded up?

looks awesome jase. Leave as is!

+1 to all of this, well done


this is exactly what i want!!!

same style bars and a box at the front haha

Nice, want to make a bike similar and cheap for the wuz soon!

Questions, How tall are you? it’s a pretty big bike hey? and how do you stop?

Great job utilising the rear rack!

Cheers for the comments fellas :slight_smile:

Cheers grand master! As for the ride, clearly steering suffers with load on the forks. Having the box and on it already made steering slower, let alone having crap in there. But its a cruiser, not a tourer so not overly fussed.

Its 56 tt c-c, im only 174, but because of the ‘north’ style bars i sit pretty up right. Havnt taken it for a proper ride yet so will get back to ya about stopping!

Cheers mate! to be honest i was just too tight to fork out for a ‘proper’ front rack, so chopped up the a rear rack i had lying around. Initially it was too short, front wheel rubbed, and that was a 700c on a 27" frame! So a visit to bunnings for some brackets, bit of cutting and filing, and done.

Had another ‘bracket’ i cut up to use as the main platform to hold the box onto the rack, and also to hold all of that via the front brake hole.

Just for kicks one day see if you can set it up with a really curvy fork (lots of rake) and then ride it around with the same set up, with a fatter tyre and compare how it handles when loaded. Or even try as fat a tyre as you can get for a simpler experiment. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

BTW dude … I wanna party with you >>> got any full boxes of Grange? :wink:

+1 on leaving it, Looks great as is.