Portland Jerseys

Im looking at getting some Portland jerseys made up for my group of mates and have read that the sizing is a little skewhiff.

How do you think their sizing fits in with normal Euro clothing sizing (eg size 4 - M, size 5 - L, etc)?

Well based on the experience we had with the fixed.org.au ones I would have to agree that the fit is VERY skewhiff.
I bought the L based on his sizing info but the chest measurement when I got it was about 5cm bigger than stated.
I also tried on a M and would suggest that it was bigger than the measurement that Portland stated for the L too.
IF I was to buy one of Portland’s jersey’s again it would most likely be a S which is ridiculous given that I am 190cm tall and weigh about 87kg.
Also be prepared for lengthy delays if our experience was anything to go by. Our original order was made in about November last year (or maybe earlier) and did not get here much before May this year.

I am sorry but I would have to say that if it was me I would be looking elsewhere based on this experience.

The sizing is definitely variable. I fit nicely into a Euro size 5 jersey.

I have two M Portland jerseys and one of them is noticeably larger than the other. Luckily they both fit me well enough but if I was in the market for another wool jersey I’d look for alternatives before going with Portland. Aside from the sizing problems you can expect a wait of 6 months or more between payment and delivery. Although, with the current exchange rates you’ll get good prices.

I was lucky, I ordered a small and it fits perfectly. The measures are: 44cm armpit to armpit, 63cm top of neck to bottom of rear hem.

Thats a shame, because it all looks fantastic on the website. Looks good and relatively cheap.

Are there any other options that you guys have had any experience with?