Possible good deal on a Concorde

Retro Frame “CONCORDE” 55cm Mid 80"s | eBay

Saw this one too. Get on it Cockroaches and Bananabenders…

“Has to be worth buying for someone.”

well when you put it like that mate!!

ssshhhhhhhhhhh erle!! i’m all over this. please leave it to meeeeee!!!

saves me emailing it to you then.

quick mods delete the thread!

Good luck… If I didn’t buy two pair of shoes this week I’d be bidding…

k o needs this. It is worth buying for k o.

but i wanna concorde. not going to bid, but tis nice.

is nice!

i’ve been refreshing ebay all day as well as checking the forum to make sure it didn’t get posted here. after i missed the lemond by 30 seconds i reckon i deserve this!

ps erle, this is why i haven’t responded to your pm about the michalo, i was just waiting to see how this one went.

so that’s why he posted it!! hahaha

i did, but then i thought better of it.

I’m so sorry, I completely forgot.

Anyone else on here buys it and I’ll fix it so as they won’t be able to ride anything for a few months.

This thread needs immediate deleting.

No gonna stay this price for long.

good buying, how’d you go??


she’s at the pub watching antman & Dylan get their sexy on, so I was asked to watch the auction & let her know. Tres excitement.

Erle can breathe a sigh of relief :wink:

Thank fuck for that!


Get this too: