possible passion problem.

I have made another commuter/CX. 1 x 8 shimergo (all shimano rear/record 10 shifter). I want to remove the shifter paddle and thumb button from L/H record shifter. Has anyone done it?

Anyone got a link to an exploded drawing? I’m concerned about rattles and/or bits of shift drum falling out in the interim should i wish to reinstsate the shift at some point in the future.
Just in case normal crabon roadies come back into fashion?

Google… there’s exploded drawings around and youtube/vimeo etc probably has instructional videos on doing this. I’ve seen some on how to solve tech/installation problems.

I’m such a shit mechanic, I have to look up most stuff before I attempt it.

The one on campyonly.com is aparently the Campagnolo factory one.
Just doesn’t give me a semi like most exploded diagrams…

Guess i’m really after answer to what to do about shifter bits left.
My LBS has a set of record crabon brake only levers n hoods…for more than I’ve spent on whole bike!

maybe this will help? from zinn’s road bike maintenance book.

MSG Gemm about this. She has rebuilt Passionate Shifters as a result of CX racing.

LB do those tektro brake levers you have really ‘match’ campy hood shape?

Silver handled ones should do. Hit up justdave as he has a set listed on Scumtree.

Thumbwrestle to determine the winner between the two of you. Same beer price (wink)

It doesn’t rattle my campy euro came like this. MSG Kim as I think he has the old shifters without internals kicking around.

Went and checked the levers then made a picture.
Very similar shape, blades are slightly different in curves.
And the blades on the Tektros are bright ano not grey.
Texture of hoods is different.
They do feel similar, I had the R200s on the Kona and have the same shape Centaur
shifters on my roadie, with same shaped bars. Feels pretty much the same.

I decided to just take out the whole gizzards after all. I have done g springs before and thought this best.
I made a little plug to fill the hole.
First ride tonight…Feelsgoodman.