Possible resto project for fans of the oldschool

It looks like it might have a few nice parts on it:

VINTAGE TRACK BIKE HOLLAND FIXIE 1920,S - eBay Road Bikes, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 12-May-10 18:37:58 AEST)

C’mon Erle. Let them do some work for themselves. How am i going to grab a bargain if you let everyone know??


Daacha has called it! Hands off jerks.

I have had it watched for quite a while now :frowning:

also:track bike fixed gear campagnolo pista brooks fixie - eBay, Other, Sporting Goods. (end time 17-May-10 15:38:27 AEST)

That may well end up being a good buy.

note: Better than a good buy.
Seriously, if this goes cheap ill be furious :frowning:

Oh, you’re selling it? Start a thread for it!

Thanks Erle but free for all on this one… Missed out on the Hillman in Dubbo tonight…and i’m going there for work on Thursday. Spewing!!

That really nice red one? that sucks!

Yep, snipers booted it to $460+ in the last few seconds.

from what i understand it went to one of us on the forum here :wink:
it will be in good hands and i’m looking fwd to seeing shots of it built up

I hope s/he doesn’t take the uninformed seller’s opinion on the year it was manufactured verbatim as it’s most likely a post warII frame.

// just re-read this thread. my post is regarding the original post (not the WA one)