Possible Vintage Colnago - Perth Gumtree - Cheap

fastback stays, looks about a 56/57, clover cut out lugs, 3 brake cable guides though, reminds me of that police auction find a fellow member found for $50

Vintage, fastback, racing bike 10 speed 23" frame

See that lug with the cutout there, and how the lug is filed down into the tube…

I was talking to a Gentleman at a Bike Shop in Leederville about Quiver/Z’s unknown Track bike and possible builders… He asked if the frame was from Perth, because he knows of a local builder who made Road and Track frames with really crazy lug work - cutouts, and filing the lugs down onto the tube like that so it appears to disappear.

The name was M H Jones, and apparently based out in Myaree… he told me to look him up in the phonebook and ring him and see if he had any old frames in his shed!!! I said im keen, but not that keen! HA HA

If hes referring to Milton Jones, i met the guy, had the pleasure of him cutting down my fork steerer. This makes much more sense, as i remember Kaspar’s track frame has similar ‘clover’ like cut outs, and was an MJones frame.

I think this frame is a Milton, not a colnago…wonder if Ben_is_Fixed’s ken frame is also a Milton then?..interesting shit.

That would be him Jase!!! Did he have any old frames lying around ha ha!!!

hha never got a chance to rummage through his shed, he did say he only had a few bikes and a few frames, so possibly!

Sounds like I should track this guy down! ha ha ill bring Z’s bike with me and ask for an ID lol would be sweeeeeeeet!!!

Small Milton Jones “MJ Capo” frame and fork | eBay

have a look at the lugs and fork on this Milton Jones… fork crown is the same! look at the up close lug shot of the top bike and look at the details of the fork…

this frame is definately a Milton Jones.


ps, pretty sure i have his number and address if you buys are planning a trip =)

yeh, Milton Jones made frames under the name capo, He lives 5minutes away from me.

here are some more capos with the clover cutout and similair fastback design.

That Kaspar guys track frame, It was built by Milton.

Another Capo

price drop. Down to $175.

Vintage, fastback, racing bike 10 speed 23" frame. | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Merriwa

Still way too dear!

I am sure with some bargaining/nitpicking it would go cheaper.

i think an offer of $150 is a fair price, looks like a decent frame, too big for me unfortunately. Would be nice to own a locally made frame.

i reckon you should put the SRAM on that, and save ya pennies for some nice Campy for the colnago dude =D

haha nah, Now what would I need 2 roadies for? It’s to big for me aswell. The colnago is almost done. Just need the new wheels and set up shifters etc:)

I’m sure it is a nice frame underneath all that shitty blue paint. In it’s current condition, 80 bucks is max I’d pay. It is only worth something to people like us because we know what it is. To average Joe, the shiny malvern star* or repco* on gumtree without crappy sticker residue for 50 bucks or less is a much better option!

Let’s put it this way, if I knew shit all about bikes I would have thought $100 for that hillman was way too dear in it’s current state. I’ve pulled better condition bikes off the hard rubbish pile lol.

*just and example, any generic good condition roadie for cheap!

That all being said, id happily split it if someone wants the frame, I’ll take the wheels and group set!

Dont think it’s a colnago could be a perkins,
He used a clover without the tab off it alot on his older frames.
I have picked up a few of them lately.

It’s a Milton Jones. Local Perth frame builder

I got told mine was a local Perth builder but it had all the tell tale Perkins gear.
I don’t know any thing about Milton but lugs are the same as alot of Perkins I have seen.