Possibly... A new tshirt?

Some of you may remember the work of Nuno from some time ago. I rejigged it, and am thinking of having it printed, if anyone is interested.

I need a minimum of 20 orders to even think more about it. The print could also go on hoodies if people wanted (it is nearly winter…). I think it would cost between $25-28 delivered to your door for a tshirt - I’d have them printed on AS Colour tshirts (really nice, better than American Apparel IMHO) and screenprinted - No digital or heat transfers… Here is a mockup:

Any interest?


ps. thanx for the badges :wink:


though believe the fixed.org.au font would look better white, without the white splash behind it/covering the wheel.

will also put my hand up to chuck some graphic design work behind it if need be.

If you want to PM me your email, I can send you the PSD and you can have a play. I don’t have vector artwork though, so, if you want to play with it, you might want to retrace it in Illustrator… I have a fairly highres PSD, and that’s it.

You’re welcome Markee, glad you liked them!

Yep, I’m in too.

Looks great. I’ll buy one.

Looks great! I’d be in. A hoodie options sounds like a good idea.

I also would be in for a T need a Large tho…


American Apparel are terrible, i’ll grab one if you bring them out in white

I did a skid once, so i’d be keen.

I’d take a hoody, or else a tee.

nice shirt, id be keen on one

Interested… tee or hoody. like mckennys taste in metal - the blacker the better.

nice shirt, im interested


Gratuitous message lengthening…

I need a new black hoody, so would deffo get one.

i’ll grab one

i’d buy a shirt. And possibly wear it.

Since I jumped on the bandwagon a while ago and like confusing the Auskick dads I’d go the whole wardrobe ensemble - hoodie and T for me.

Cap coming?


I’d be keen. Hoodie and T please officer.