post a pic of you and your latest purchase v2.

how much?!?!?!

Surgeon $4135
Asst $800
Anaesthetist $800
Hospital $1025

Have to present it all to Medicare/Bupa so hoping to get half back

ah, gotcha! thought that was after medicare etc.

also, your maths is way off, that’s nearly 7 gorillas. :wink:

Could’ve had them shave the whole leg while they were there.

Yeah, past 5 my brain goes all fuzzy…

I was truly disappointed after surgery that my balls not only had hair, but didn’t smell like honey

i’ve tried to smell my own balls, you know, for research, but never been able to get that close. kudos!

Maybe next time, if you ask nicely

As long as that tourniquet at 350 lb up near your groin didn’t grab the ski bag on inflation, all good

New alignment table! I’ve had the fixtures for a while, but kept them packed away, until now…

can u build me a frame please i will post it on instagram it will be popular

So jealous!

Awesome Pete!

Fukkin love your slatwall pete

Keith is to Kumo as Pete is to?

Nice to see a setup like that. Well done on getting it all together Pete.

… is to a dude who’s never made a frame on his own. A rank amatuer, having a crack, with no intentions beyond making a few frames here and there for fun. Very much inspired by Keith, and very greatful to have met him and call him a mate. Such a dude.

Not many excuses left to get building now though eh.

three days without a purchase? are you all members of a new religion?

I’m not buying anything for six months.

I bought a Garmin but am yet to pose for a selfie with it.