post a pic of you and your latest purchase v2.

There is an app on the iPad that is pretty good - 53. Basically it is an digital sketch book with all sorts of realistic pens, pencil, paintbrushes etc. They released a pretty nifty stylus for it not long ago to make drawing with the app a lot better. When you use the pencil/stylus it allows you to rest your palm on the screen without it recognising it as a ‘touch’ - so it allows a natural drawing position. There are a whole lot of other features - if you want to check it out, go here:

I only just got it and had a very quick 5 minute sketch. Pretty impressed…

Some cheapo campy cranks to strip and polish and new cadence hoodie, both thanks to the wonders of ebay

Cadence jacket and new camera bodddyyyyy. Jacket is super toasty.

fsa carbon pro team issue cracks

uhh cranks.

See how much better this thread is with these pics? Pallet Knife and everything.

Speaking of which, where’s you mug and this LooK?

I had no idea. Wow.

(Sorry for the not Big/Small combo)


For some reason I instantly thought of this…

thats the other thread mate

Do you expect me to talk?
No Mr Bond, I expect you to die.

i can see your superhero clothes under the flanno. you’re not fooling anyone. also, i like that it matches the hoods.

wcp: 10/10

4 tickets to see Bill Bailey in October.

no pic of me, but I made this face when I saw he was doing shows in Melbourne.

haven’t asked anyone else if they wanna come yet, but I figure I’ll be able to pretty easily!

Thankyou yes I would love to thank you.

FoA sighs in relief

Sneaky pic of my new glasses as well.

next item of discussion…

Yay, less dad/nerd glasses. Now you just need to have a chat to JP…

And Dln

New ACL, 5 gorillas :frowning: