Post a pic of your rig!

Post a pic of your Polo bike and Mallet!

*mine is still in the building stage so will post a pic later on

Yeh, been workin on the mods for a while. Pretty stoked it’s now on the road.

I still can’t find the leak in the rear.

Square rigs… keeping it real.

That joke is getting about as old as your mother

2 points to Lewis

joke’s on you holmes, it’s not even his current bike!!!1!!1!!1111!!

yeah cheers for the hot tip nerd !!!1!1!!!111!!1! now go back and play your warcraft rubbish

Calm down Jr Dacks.

I bet you couldn’t find a pic of my rig that I hadn’t posted on here.

voted favourite new fixed member, 2009.

I actually think you’ll find that’s some kind of gaff topsail rig.

No ones going to argue the point with you Nick!

LESSON: Don’t rely on the internet. I should have known better.

Thats one sexay disc wheel on that sweet bike that got knocked down! :mrgreen:

me and Ash keepin it real.

Bit more scratched and sticker crap on it now.
Need to make a new disk to replace the soggy cardboard from the Nats.

FBM sword polo rig?? :sunglasses: dayum :sunglasses:

LHD aswell :slight_smile:

jokes on you holmes.
it is my current polo bike.