Post 'Attack of the Buns' suggestions


Once I get back to my car in Bungendore, I’ll have about 5 nights before I need to be back in Melbourne.

Deciding between meandering my way back to melbourne over the 5 days or seeing some stuff in NSW for a few days then barrelling home along the Hume in a short, concentrated burst (probs an arvo/night camping/day drive) back to melbourne.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Must see spots?



How much of NSW have you seen?

Maybe a loop taking in blue mountains, central coast, (maybe) barrington tops, Sydney, royal national park would be cool.

Do you think you’d feel like riding your bike after the route?

you tell me!! haha.

the idea of finding a nice spot & just stopping for a few days definitely appeals, but dunno how good i am at that in reality. kangaroo valley could be nice.

have seen parts of the blue mountains & would love to head there again, but it’s so massive, not sure a flying visit would do it justice…


The whole area south of Sydney is really nice, with beautiful beaches, lots of rain/forest and waterfalls.

Talk to Trigger about the coast suggestions I gave him.

Found it. See below - I would head to Kangaroo Valley and head down into Berry, otherwise you can get to Huskisson or Durras pretty quick from Bungendore (1.5-2hr drive).

Off the Princes Highway, stop off at:

Werri Beach/Gerringong
This is a nice place to stop, check out the surf from the headland on Tasman Drive. There really isn’t much else going on in this town but if the surf is on, there will be a lot of talented surfers out there. A couple of hours here is all you need to check this place out.

An inland town that has a few nice shops and a good place to find some lunch, one of the better bottle shops I have been to with a heap of beers (Stock up here) and also a donut van on the main street. There is a nice sourdough cafe off the main street that I haven’t tried as it has always been closed when I have been there - they do have another shop called The Milkwood Bakery that you can grab lunch from as well. The pub here is nice too.

Heading south, you are going to head through the bigger town of Nowra, no reason to stop here - there is a brewery here, so if you like your hop style beers, stop in for a taster.

Jervis Bay
This is the area with the nicest beaches on the South Coast. Hyams Beach is part of Jervis Bay - google it and see what I mean.
For dinner, the Husky Pub in Huskisson is nice and has good views out into the bay.
I stayed at a nice little airbnb which was a short stroll from the Pub - no frills, but a good place to shower and sleep.

Milton is one of my fav places on the coast - there are good + quality places to eat and drink, a cute main street and there are good beaches and scenery about here.

Pilgrims is a good vegetarian cafe, one of my favourites - my go to burger is a Harvest and a Golfie smoothie -
Go check out Milkhaus for more food or breakfast -
A seriously good venue for cheese, wine, beer and soon to have their own distillery -

Whilst in Milton you can treat yourself to a seafood platter at Rich Steins restaurant.
Or if you are after a cheap feed, you can go to the golf club at Mollymook that overlooks the beach for a few schooners.

Bawley Point
Just off the coast, this is a beautiful spot of tucked away beaches, you can stay here or keep heading south to one of my other favourites on the coast…

North and South Durras
North Durras doesn’t have much in the way of accommodation options, but it does have the best beaches. You can stop and have a stroll around here and check out Depot Beach and Pebbly Beach. If you want a Caravan Park - head to South Durras to this place. It is where i was on the weekend - nice chilled beaches and good amenities here (for a caravan park)

Big Day Trip: Batemans Bay - Moruya - Tuross Head - Narooma - Mystery Bay - Tilba Tilba - Bermagui
This is where Canberra heads to during summer - it used to be a beautiful little town, but developers have gotten their hands on it… skip it, but get off the Princes Highway and head along Beach Road which will take you along a bunch of little townships (Rosedale, Tomakin, Mossy Point, Broulee) There are plenty of headlands here to view the ocean and waves etc. If you keep heading south, it will take you along the Moruya River to the town of Moruya. If you want to keep checking out the coast line, then head along South Head Road which turns into Congo Road - this will do a big loop and get you back on to Princes Hwy. (check out google maps for this and the previous detours from the highway).

As you get on the highway you can check a left and head out to Tuross Head, I haven’t been here in a long time so I have no idea how it has changed over the last 10 years, but there wasn’t anything too special about it. Maybe just fresh oysters.

Keep Heading south to Narooma, again this is a bit of a built up town with not much personality. Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful spot… but there are better places close by. It has your standard pubs, chinese take aways etc.

Head south and make a turn off to Mystery Bay, it is a beautiful little area.

A cute little town that has been made famous by the ‘Little River Cottage’ show. Worth spending a few hours here and stocking up on cheeses etc. This might be worth coming back to after spending the night in Bermagui.

A small fishing town made (sort of) famous by a Billy Connolly movie “The Man who Sued God”. You have a good cafe here - Mister Jones. Don’t be fooled by the reviews, they were in the news a couple of years ago (
The owner is an artist and I have bought one of his works. Next door is a gelato joint that makes gelato using in season and local produce. (Update: I was in Bermagui three weeks ago, the gelato place has moved to a new building on the jetty and has lost some of it’s charm, still good gelato though) The pub here is simple, but is a great place to have a schooner and watch the ocean. My grandfather died in this pub so I have a beer and a bet on the horses every time I am here, as that was the last thing he was doing. Track down ‘The Blue Pool’.

Head south to Tathra-Bermagui Road… Basically any way you can get off the highway and hug the coast line, do it. Check google maps for your options.

This road will take you through Tathra and through to the next big coastal town… Merimbula.

Now thats my specialty on coastal towns. Merimbula is a bit of a hole… so is the next town of Eden, so it is up to you where you want to head south from here.

On your way back to Melbourne, I have heard good things about Mallacoota.

Do you want to go coastal or mountains?

I’d head back to Melb over the snowies and camp out

Blue mountains so I can come meetcha!

+1 Jervis bay if you want some amazing beaches.

Otherwise do what Keith says, maybe drive down the Barry way?

+1 Bawley Point

have done both of those actually, now i think of it! forgot about the bawley point trip! only did BW north of the NSW/VIC border. worth carrying on through? also contemplated going up Davies Plain Track, but i did that last time too…

You can go to the same place more than once you know…

Heaven? Hell? Etc.

Maybe we could meetup. I’m currently in Brisbane but will be heading south tomorrow. No set plans and I have plenty of time. I’m just looking for some sunshine instead of the constant rain up here. But I might be a bit too far north to catch up with you. I will probably get to Glen Innes by tomorrow night then I could get to NSW south coast by Friday night.

If you are looking at heading back via Hume. A few towns that you could check out if you haven’t already been

  • Beechworth
  • Bright
  • Mt Hotham
  • Mt Beauty
  • Falls Creek

Then down to Omeo, Bairnsdale and home to Melbourne.

you’re a week early BBB!

reckon i’ll just wing it based on the weather, but i’ll be checking back here for beach ideas if i head that way. i do love a good alpine river though…

I reckon wait and see what the weather’s doing. If it’s hot, hit the beach. If not, enjoy the snow melt rivers

What if it’s in between hot and cold, Adam?

Well then it’s not hot, so go with option B, obviously