Post mount to flat mount adapters....?

Anyone know if these are available anywhere?

Ive seen them from alligator, but i cant seem to find any stockists?

Are you trying to run post mount calipers on a flat mount frame? This is what can be adapted.

Because you can’t adapt flat mount calipers to a post mount frame.

No, other way around. Im trying to run flat mount calipers to a post mount frame.

Isnt that what my link is showing though? Post mount to flat mount calipers? or am i reading that website wrong?

I figured as much. It’s unpossible. geometry gets in your way.

Those POST MOUNT TO FLAT MOUNT adaptors are to adapt POST MOUNT calipers TO FLAT MOUNT frames. Shimano also makes these adaptors (see in below photo)

Post vs flat-mount. To the left, both calipers set up for front 140mm rotors. To the right, the same two calipers set up for 160mm front rotors. In each pairing, post-mount caliper is on the left, flat-mount right.

Left to right: Post-mount caliper on post-mount fork, flat-mount on flat-mount, post-mount caliper on flat-mount fork

Your link shows post mount caliper to flat mount frame/fork.

I have Shimano ones on my Kona. Ugly but work

These aren’t what you’re looking for?
Or is this for flat mount fork to post brake?

EDIT - I’m interested also, as I want to mount flat mount brakes to a 29er with post mounts I’ve just bought.
EDIT2 - mine is actually ISO mount, not post
I ordered the above.

Nope, this converts IS to PM. A very common adaptor as there are nearly no native IS mount brakes these days, but there are still IS frames/forks (very damage tolerant, you can strip the threads in the cheap adaptor without ruining the frame or caliper)

EDIT: Moccos if you have an IS mount frame, then that adaptor is correct to use with PM calipers.

An IS mount fork looks like this:

Imma get in early here and also mention there is an old MTB ‘flat mount’ standard that Hayes made, which has nothing to do with the current flat mount standard that started with road disc and is trickling into MTB

Cheers blakey, guess reading that alligator website incorrectly got me excited.


Looks like I’m on the right path, surprisingly!
Thank you for the confirmation!

Well, looks like someone took a stab at making the adapter (flat mount brakes on IS mount frame)

currently on its way, ill report back once ive installed

poorly thought out URL.

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lets hope his solution isnt!

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Aaaaand here we are


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Not bad. That’s gonna make life easier for those of us stuck with the old standard on our bikes.


(are those QR’s strong enough to prevent your wheel walking out of the dropouts under braking? fork appears to have lips and a forward angle)

Ill find out soon enough i guess :grin:

looks like wolftooth have their own version

Post to Flat Mount Brake Adapter – Wolf Tooth Components