Post your Fave Photos/Wallpapers/Images..

As i browse the web i collect cycling related images etc… usually they end up on my desktop for a bit.
So i thought i’d start a thread where we can post our Fave Photos/Wallpapers/Images…

On my Desktop currently…

A couple more to kick off…

I don’t see how this is that much different from the bike porn thread (no CX bikes?), but have at it.

Fair warning: Any photos of the type posted by thefixfixfix or bike ‘porn’ will result in a ban.

And if this is specifically for desktop wallpapers I’ll be very tempted to delete anything less than 1920x1080. Maybe I’ll let 1600x900 go :slight_smile:

I have browsed the ‘Bike Porn’ thread, mostly seemed to be images of bikes as opposed to photography or wallpapers. 1600 widescreen is fine for wallpapers. But doesn’t necessaryily have to be. I may be wrong, but haven’t seen any images of racing or pelotons in the ‘Bike Porn’ thread or any artsy abstract images either.

However, if you see fit, i really don’t care if this thread is removed! Was just an idea I thought some may appreciate.

Not for my monitor :slight_smile:

The difference between this thread and bike porn (I think) should be that this thread has high quality images at decent resolutions.

and no posts without a pic i presume? (not wanting to break this rule, just have nothing on work computer worth sharing)

I guess i should have been a little more specific when creating the thread. But yeah, altho, any attached images are resized upon posting, but linking to the URL will provide good quality images and links.
Images of a bike leaning against a wall is good and all, we all appreciate that. But i guess i was thinking along the lines of artsy abtract photo’s/images or action shots of racing/pelotons or mtb racing… Whatever! But good quality high res only that could be used as wallpapers or possibly printed if one was so inclined.
Was just an idea. I have no intention nor do i encourage others to poach or steal images as such. I love the fyxamotosis photos, but would not suggest u post those here. As they can be found at fyx and he does an awesome job… Even of bacon and eggs on a plate!

Good one!
Yeah, if you want to comment in this thread, it must be accompanied by an appropriate image.

How about Post your favourite Fur? My personal favourite, Wolverine, as demonstrated below: -

Lol… Thats the shit!
Could of imposed an ice bike in the background.

Allow me to be the first to say…no :slight_smile:

Favourite pho…