Postage Please

Ok, so I want to send a fixie down to Melbourne…what is the best way to post one down?

Who to use?

Put it in a big envelope?

I think bikes are too big for Auspost so it will have to be a courier (or maybe you can use bus freight from QLD?).

The bikes I’ve had couriered were just packed into cardboard bike boxes and the freight cost anywhere from $30.

All couriers are a pain in the arse when you’re receiving packages but I’ve had stuff delivered by Startrack and Aus Air Express.

Bus seems a good option…maybe. 2 - 3 days from BNE to MELB.

This means I can buy up all the fixie bargins and start shipping them down…we have found quite a few up. 53’s, 54’s, 57’s, 58’s and 59’s.

Wheels, cranks, disks, campag track pedals…dang, there is alot of ‘stuff’ up here.

This is because fixed riding is not as popular up North as it is in Melb?


No, its just all up riders in BNE already have enough bikes. The demand seems to be down in Melb. I should have pics of all the bikes very soon, including all the parts.

Did someone say Suntour Superbe Wheelset with Campag Rims??? :smiley:

It’s because Brisbane is so far ahead with the latest trends that fixed is no longer in up there. Maybe the breakless freewheel has caught on?

No, I was doing that about a year ago in Melb. I really have no idea why, but that kinda started the love of volleys. As I was chewing through the soles when I had to stop.

Raced my first alleycat with a brakeless freewheel bike…after that, it was time for fixed. MADNESS!

You’re not selling your new wheels are you?!

They’d go nicely on a certain red bike with Superbe Pro cranks…

yeah, I think I will. I have ‘bigger’ plans…



I’ve used Fastway Couriers a few times to ship bikes to/from qld - they’re usually a bit less anal then the other (bigger) names. Usually about $35-40 for a boxed bike Bris-Melb.

My mate sent his DH bike melb-bris once via Busfreight. It was reasonably priced [i think].

I have used bus freight I think from memory it cost about $25 - had to box it up.

Cheap and fastest way I could find.