Hey All,

If anyone needs posters made up for events (such as alleycats,track races,swap meets etc)
then i would be happy to make some up for you to use! (and if you don’t like them then don’t use them!)



ahhahahaha i will give you a hand shats. x

check out my kierin poster guy, didn’t win tho :frowning:

link me.

what was the poster for anyway? what yo mean didn’t win? a comp or something? x

Show us your alleycat poster portfolio, to see if you are worthy.

Hi Ross,

Well the i have never made any alleycat posters before, but i just recently put in a design for xbrendanx

have a look…,9853.15.html (its the second entry)


Nice work… I liked yours the best.


Hello sir i would like to enquire if its not too much trouble What your qualifications are? Did you attend Design School, Do you have clients, what?

you have such subtlety in your internet relations shortsie. makes me want to marry you