Posting Links

I’m sorry guys for the silly question, and if it is in the wrong spot…

How do I post a link with out it being eg.…, and 5 lines of link jargon?
and the link look like this website? This? click here? etc
Ive seen it done on other peoples posts and cant figure it out.

Again, I appologise if this may seem a silly question


Like this:

[Pedal Consumption](

Find a post like this one with a link to something in it

click quote and look closely at what the poster did.

It’s done by

  1. type some text
  2. highlight the text
  3. click the icon that looks like the world from above list of tags
  4. in the first set of square brackets, type an “=” the copy the url you want to link to after the “=” but before the right hand square bracket


Awsome. Thanks guys.