Posting pictures...

1) You need to get your pictures uploaded onto some sort of picture-hosting site like Imagebucketor Flickr.

2) Find the URL of the image you want to use (should be something like “

3) Post the URL into your message window, highlight the URL and click the Insert Image icon,

4) Image will now appear in you post, click ‘Preview’ to check it out.

5) Some big images will be resized so they dont break the forum. Rightclick them and ‘View Image’ (in Firefox) to see them big.


Please follow Spud’s directions - however for one-off uploads, please use the new image hosting we’ve put together for bikes instead of photobucket et al. This will make sure images don’t get lost when other hosts go down, and that they all stay visible within the forum forever*.

You can use it for hosting any bike related stuff, either here or elsewhere.


  • The fine print about nothing being forever.

Dude you need to get a better image host. The server traffic limit peaks too often on cyclebucket and images don’t display.

Well, I can fix it, someone just has to tell me, as I don’t spend enough time here to notice those problems… I will double the bandwidth. In future, if there is a problem, PM me and I’ll fix it as soon as I can.


What is the best uploading site to use?

I am using the forum code link here, but nothing is showing?

Can someone explain how to have an image display in my post?
The best I can do is a thumbnail — that links to a really poor quality version of my flickr photo.


Just put the image URL inside tags.

just right click on the image you want to post, then click copy image url. Now go to where you want to post and click the insert image icon.
Now right click and paste into that box and we are done.

So I can’t seem to ever get pictures posted up anymore, everytime I upload them it says that there was an ‘error uploading’. I have tried doing it staright from my computer and linking my photobucket, any advice?

In Photobucket, copy the image URL from the options listed below the image (ie. . Paste this URL into the pop-up tab thing on when you click on the image icon. If you can’t get it working doing that I don’t know know why.

Cheers. I’ll try that tonight when I am at home and have access to photobucket. Damn work interweb censoring.

Great , very clear !

Thanks for sharing. Now , I know how to upload pictures carefully. :slight_smile:

So, if I wanted to imbed some youtubes, do I follow a similar process but with a [VID] or something?

Just copy the video url and chuck it between [ video ] [ /video ] (excluding the spaces) and voila!

Sweet, I was on the right track. Cheers Rooster, will give it a whirl.

Or hit the Insert Video button (second from the right) and it’ll prompt you for the URL.

It seems lately some people are having trouble posting pictures, so here’s a refresher. It’s pretty straight forward if you follow these steps.

  1. Get your image url, eg:

  2. Stick the url between the [img] tags posted here:

  1. Post your image.

Note: if you use Flickr or other photo hosting sites such as Cyclebucket, they will usually provide you with a link that has the [img] tags included.

Finally, if you wish to use the insert image button on the toolbar above (the one that looks like a picture, next to the “film” button"), choose “insert image from URL” and uncheck the button that says “retrieve remote file and reference locally” and stick the URL in. Also, in my experience, using the insert image button to upload a file from your computer never seems to work and gives me this:


You’re better off using a hosting site such as

How do I do a wicked skid tho?