Potato fails stiffness test

Found this buried on Sheldon’s site:

I’m a potato FLEXIEST by test
(out of 140 wheel varieties tested)


scroll down a bit to find them

I’m sure this is new news to anyone who buys them for stiffness.

Coming up next, BT track frames are heavy!

You’re a potato.

  1. Campagnolo Shamal 16 spoke front. Tubular rim built radially elbows in with bladed spokes 2 mm diameter and 1.2 x 2.9mm aero bladed section

the truth: Michael Jackson ran out of cash buying bike gear …

Velocity rims are almost all under 2mm flex, go team \m/(>_<)\m/

Towelie top tube covers and sweat guards - just in time for christmas

I’m torn!

Most flexible (Aerospoke plastic wheel): 5.23mm deflection

LOL, but

Stiffest (new style Spinergy RevX 650c): 0.97mm deflection

oh dear. Super-stiff and wicked barspins to boot!